When Do You Need To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

August 4, 2022


There is no such thing as a lifetime guarantee for breakers, electrical switches, electrical panels, and wires. All of them will eventually wear out and need to be replaced and updated.

Electrical sparks are often a common reason for house fires that burn down the entire house and cause several deaths every year. Therefore, you must keep your electrical system updated.

An experienced professional electrical and excavation contractor can ensure the safe and quality up-gradation of the electrical system of your home.

However, many of you know that upgrading your electrical system is important, but you just don’t know when to get it done. The following blog post will try to solve this problem by enlisting the instances that point out that electrical up-gradation is needed.

When Do You Need To Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is actually the storage site of your home’s electricity. It collects the electricity coming from the grid and sends it to the places where you need it and avoids sending any electricity to areas where it is not needed, preventing dangerous short circuits.

Eventually problems will start to occur with the electrical panel, and the panel will mandate upgradation. There are certain instances that will allow you to understand when it is time to get the panel serviced or replaced. Some of them are explained below.

Remodeling Time

It is possible to have the electrical system of your home updated during remodeling. This allows your home to get rid of obsolete wiring and electrical fixtures. These updated wires often ask for a different level of electricity supply. Thus, upgrading or replacing your electrical panel becomes necessary. By doing so, you will switch to a much safer cabling system.

Lights Flicker Or Dim

Do you experience your lights flickering or getting dim when you use a microwave or other such appliances? If so, this means that the circuit you are using is not rightly sized for your consumption patterns. A single circuit can not handle this much electricity, so you may need an extra circuit to fulfill your needs to prevent short circuits or fire dangers. For optimum installation results, it is better to hire a reputed provider of electrical services.

Hot Electrical Board

When an electrical circuit is malfunctioning, the electrical board will become warm when touched. This is a clear indication that the circuit is not working properly and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. However, don’t try to do it yourself, as it is not safe. Try to find a trusted electrical contractor in Nanoose Bay to get the job done for you.

A Strong Burning Odor

A burning smell is always a source of concern irrespective of its origin. If the source is your electrical circuit, it becomes even more problematic as it asks for action as early as possible because a fire can break out if it is neglected.

First, you might only experience the smell of plastic burning. Then it may upgrade to the burning smell of the wood, indicating that the fire has started damaging the wall. At the beginning of the malfunction, the smell may be mild but can get stronger as the problem intensifies. Only an experienced and highly-skilled electrician can solve the problem in this case.

Extra Appliances

Are you buying a new AC, oven, or other appliance that needs electricity to function? This will instantly increase your electricity consumption needs. Thus, this will necessitate the up-gradation of your electrical panel to be able to meet your needs.

If your panel allows it, an experienced electrician can add new breakers to your existing system. However, if it is not possible, then the only option left will be to completely replace your existing circuit with a stronger and bigger capacity electrical panel.

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