3 Types Of Stones That Are Used To Construct Rock Walls

February 17, 2022

3 Types Of Stones That Are Used To Construct Rock Walls

In the modern world, people add new things to their houses to increase the curb value of their homes.

One such new addition to modern homes is stone walls. Many people are now building rock walls on their property to increase their home’s value.

A rock wall will enhance your house and make it more attractive. But before you plan to build a rock wall for your house, make sure that you do thorough research on it.

There are many difficult decisions that you will need to make during the whole process of building a rock wall for your house.

For instance, the first decision you will need to make is whether you want to build a mortared wall or a dry-stone wall.

This means that you will need to decide whether the rock wall will be built only from stacked stones or whether you will need to use mortar during the construction.

You will have to make such decisions wisely as they will influence the size and shape of the rocks that will be used in your rock wall.

You should hire a professional rock wall installer to help you make all these decisions easily.

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The most important part of rock wall construction is the stone selection. Whatever type of rock wall you are building, the right stone selection is crucial.

So, select the right type of stones for your wall according to your preference and the location of your rock wall.

This blog post will talk about 3 different types of stones that you can choose from while building a rock wall.

Different Types Of Stones

Many different and unique types of stones are used to build rock walls. The most common types of stones used to build rock walls include granite, limestone, fieldstone, and sandstone.

Moreover, some people also use concrete blocks to give their rock walls a natural stone look.

But it all depends upon the type of rock wall you are building and the design that you want.

The following are some of the types of stones that are used to build rock walls:


Granite is one of the most used stones in rock walls, as it is a solid and durable stone. Many homeowners prefer it over the other stones.

This type of stone is quarried into huge rectangular shapes to make it easy to use in a rock wall.

Granites come in a variety of different colors such as pink, gray and white. You can choose the colour the best goes with your preference and design.

Many people like to use old-style granite, which was used in European streets, to give a unique and old touch to their rock walls.


Limestone is also used to build attractive rock walls. They come in a variety of colors such as shades of white, gray, and tan.

Limestone can be cut in regular or irregular shapes according to your rock wall needs.


Compared to other types of stones, fieldstones are typically more rounded and can be easily broken.

As most vendors purchase their fieldstone locally, these stones tend to be cheaper than other stones.

The size of these stones vary. You can buy different size fieldstones according to your needs. You can either buy your fieldstones in hand size rocks or in huge boulders. It all depends on your stone walls needs.

Final Word

The aforementioned stones are some stones that people use to build their rock walls.

There are many types of stones from which you can choose to perfectly meet your rock wall needs. You can also hire a rock wall installer to help you make a well-calculated decision.

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