Tips That Will Enhance Your Rock Wall Installation Process

February 11, 2022

Tips That Will Enhance Your Rock Wall Installation Process

Undeniably, the aesthetic appeal of a property is the most significant determinant of its market value. Modern construction and excavation contractors were quick enough to realise the potential of these primitive structures in the industry. Apparently, every other homeowner regards an item that provides an artistic, antique, or ancient aura to be pretty enchanting. And rock walls do exactly that.

Of course, the type and quality of a material used in the construction of the house itself and its design are also significant factors a buyer considers. After all, these are the primary essentialities any prospective buyer would seek. However, there are things that can boost the value of any property without a massive investment. These include patio doors, skylights, and rock/stone or retaining walls.

Nevertheless, even if a rock wall is not a major investment, prudence and precaution must still be practised to ensure that the structure upholds its extravagance and sturdiness for a long time. Besides, not paying adequate attention to the construction and details of your home can also result in unpleasant accidents.

In short, regardless of your aim behind the construction of your rock wall, there are a few dos and don’ts of the process you should consider. To help you accomplish your goal optimally, we, as the most reliable excavation contractors across British Columbia, will educate you regarding the tips you can follow to ensure that your rock wall is appropriately installed and is able to adequately perform the purpose it was built for.

Tips To Follow When Installing A Rock Wall

As easy as it may sound, the construction of a rock wall actually requires vigilance and top-notch expertise. That is, it is not simply about stacking shapeless rocks over one another and expecting them to maintain their posture. You may be surprised to hear that the construction of a rock wall also requires proper excavation and land clearing services. If the latter is not performed, the wall will be unstable and prone to falling accidents.

To avoid any such mishap, follow these tips:

1. Contact Professional Yard Rockwall Contractors

To be honest, you can construct rock walls on your own as the process does not require highly technical construction knowledge. Nevertheless, it does require you to follow a technique that will help your wall last longer and remain intact.

Hence, we suggest you request a professional company to construct your rock wall for you. Doing the latter will ensure that your stone wall has the required aesthetic appeal and can last a lifetime.

2. Plan The Process

Every process requires adequate planning. This will clear up any confusion regarding the construction material, the wall’s height, and the use of any extra decorative material. Hence, each step in the process will seamlessly follow the previous one without any hurdle as everything will be already laid out in the plan.

3. Choose Your Location Wisely

The next step is to decide where exactly you want the wall to be constructed and any design you may have in mind. Remember, once it is built, the only way you can change it is by demolishing the whole structure.

4. Select The Appropriate Material

Astonishingly, you have a variety of materials to choose from. Stone veneer, cast-concrete blocks, and round fieldstones are just a few of the intriguing options.

5. Prepare The Base

As mentioned earlier, excavation is absolutely crucial in this process. To place the first layer of rocks, you should first dig a trench of a good depth. This will provide stability to your wall. Then place the first layer of rocks in the trench.

6. Provide Bedding Sand For The First Layer Of Rocks

The next vital thing you must do is prepare a base for the wall. Incorporate a 4-inch layer of gravel over the trench to provide a stable base for the next layer of rocks.

7. Backfill Between Each Layer

This tip is critical to ensure that rainwater can be adequately drained from your premises. Using crushed gravel after each layer of rocks to backfill the wall will be a great idea. Also, make sure that the backfill is compact enough before placing the next layer of rocks.

8. Cap The Wall

This tip is optional but will significantly lift the visual appeal of your wall and also protect your rock walls against erosion.

9. Give It Some Attitude!

Lastly, do not forget your main aim to increase your properties value. Hence, painting the rocks or lining the wall with potted plants may greatly enhance its appearance.

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