What Are The Signs Of Retaining Wall Failure?

April 28, 2022

What Are The Signs Of Retaining Wall Failure?

Retaining walls are becoming quite popular among homeowners as they are beautifully designed to support soil that would otherwise drift down.

They are built in a way that they can withstand thousands of kilos of weight and pressure, but if not built properly, the whole retaining wall structure can fail.

Since it is entrusted with such a big task of supporting a part of your house, you should hire a certified retaining wall contractor to build your retaining wall.

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As professional retaining walls contractors have the necessary knowledge and experience, they will build a perfect retaining wall for your house that will withstand all the pressure and weight of your yard’s soil.

Mainly, retaining wall failure occurs when the wall in question is unable to bear the pressure of the soil that it is supporting. This results in breaking the retaining wall, which ultimately causes considerable damage to your property.

However, you can prevent retaining wall failure by hiring a certified retaining wall contractor at the time of construction. They will come up with the perfect design incorporating the correct calculations and proper installation that will ensure stability.

In this blog post, we have listed all the causes and signs of retaining wall failure.

Causes Of Retaining Wall Failure

There are a bunch of reasons that could cause retaining wall failure. Here are a few main causes that lead to the failure of retaining walls:

Improper Installation

The biggest reason for retaining wall failure is improper installation, as they are a little tricky to install, and most builders don’t know how to properly construct them.

There are many different types of retaining walls that serve various unique purposes. As a result, each type requires a separate installation technique. So if installed improperly, they will become susceptible to failure, especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

So make sure that you only hire a professional retaining wall contractor, as a professional will know how to install the retaining wall properly.

Incorrect Design Calculation

A significant amount of calculation and engineering is required to make sure that a retaining wall can withstand all the load and pressure.

So incorrect calculations will ultimately lead to the retaining wall collapsing and failing. Hence, before you start building your retaining wall, make sure that all your design calculations and engineering is perfectly done.

The best way to ensure all your calculations are perfect is by hiring an experienced retaining wall engineer.

Low-Quality Material

When you hire an unprofessional retaining wall contractor to build your retaining wall, they use low-quality material to save their money, this leads to retaining wall failure.

As the retaining wall has to withstand a lot of pressure and weight, it should be made with top-quality materials only.

So hire a professional contractor who will use the best quality materials and build the perfect retaining wall for your property.

Signs Of Retaining Wall Failure

Here are some common signs of retaining wall failure:

Cracking And Bowing

The most common signs of retaining wall failure are tilting, cracking, buckling, bulging, or bowing.

All these shortcomings in the wall usually prevent the whole structure from retaining the soil. Most contractors in such situations typically retrofit the wall with reinforcement like anchor bolts to save the wall from collapsing.

So if you see any signs of cracks on your retaining wall, immediately call a professional retaining wall builder and get your wall fixed.

Subsidence In The Surrounding Areas

Another common sign of retaining wall failure is subsidence in the surrounding areas of the wall.

Subsidence is the sudden sinking of the soil, so if you see any signs of sinking soil around the areas of your retaining wall, it is an indication that the pressure on your wall is changing.

To avoid this issue, you need to ensure proper engineering and calculation before building your retaining wall.

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