Service and facility upgrades can be complex jobs. Our professional team can perform any type of residential and commercial service upgrade for clients. Be it for new constructions or old homes and buildings, we can perform necessary upgrades to ensure that your home and building are safe from any type of service collapse.

We specialize in handling all types of service and facility upgrades including:

  • Waterline Installations
  • Trenches
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • And More
Septic Field

Local Electric Upgrade Contractors

Electrical service upgrades increase the amount of electrical power that comes to your home. If not installed properly, the upgraded system can result in loss of life and property. Our team of trained professionals has successfully completed numerous service upgrade projects in Nanoose Bay, BC.

Many houses in the Nanoose Bay, BC area were built decades ago. Hence, the electrical systems installed in these houses cannot handle today’s electrical needs. To tackle this, an electrical service upgrade has to be done.

Expert Water Line Installation

The unnatural colour of your home’s water or a problem with the pressure of the water may mean that your water line is damaged. Some problems like cracks, breaks, etc., can be repaired but there are many other problems that require a complete overhaul or new installation of the waterline. We provide professional water line installation services in Nanoose Bay and surrounding areas.

Professional Trenching Service

Our expert professionals can trench small and large areas. We have the required tools and machinery to dig trenches for utility pipes, foundations, and drainage purposes. We ensure that the work area is kept safe and all trenching needs of the clients are fulfilled.

An obsolete service or facility system poses a risk to your property. If you are looking for a quality service and facility upgrade, look no further. Contact us for more information.

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