Are you planning to uplift the way your backyard looks or want to get a rock wall constructed to prevent landslides? In either case, Rough Rock Contracting is here to help you with the installation of both rock walls and retaining walls. We build walls that last forever.

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Rock wall installation, if done properly, can last for decades. Hence, it is imperative that you choose professional and experienced contractors to provide you with the best possible services. Rough Rock has provided landscaping and site preparation services for more than 25 years in the Nanoose Bay, BC area. Our team of hardworking and dedicated professionals are keen to keep our customers satisfied.


Retaining walls are considered the backbone of many well-designed landscapes and structures. In addition to providing stability to the structure, they also add a unique dimension to the landscape. Retaining walls are crucial to creating usable spaces on sloped landscapes.

Rough Rock Contracting has been providing retaining wall services in Nanaimo for more than 25 years. Contact us today for more information.

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