The first step in any construction project is to dig a foundation; the builder needs to dig a foundation before pouring the concrete footing.

Rough Rock Contracting provides reliable and professional commercial and residential foundation digging services, working alongside contractors and directly with homeowners.

Foundation Digs

Residential And Commercial Foundation Digging

Our excavation professionals have the right set of equipment and skills to provide your home and commercial building with the solid foundation it needs. We have equipment for every type of foundation digging project from digging a confined residential space to large commercial construction areas. Whether your foundation digging needs:

  • An excavator
  • Mini-excavator
  • Bulldozer
  • Stick steer
  • Dump truck

We have got it all to get your foundation digging work done professionally and perfectly.

Why Choose Rough Rock Contracting?

Our groundworkers are experienced in working with several types of foundation digging requirements including industrial, commercial, and residential. Our services range from offering professional strip foundation digging, one of the most common and famous types of residential foundation digging to plied foundation digging. Plied digging is done on clay or soft and unstable soil until stable soil is reached.

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