Why Get A Septic Tank Installed In Your Home

February 24, 2022

Why Get A Septic Tank Installed In Your Home

When it comes to your home’s waste management, you have two options, either get your home hooked to the city’s sewer system or get a septic field system installed. A septic system is an underground domestic waste management facility. It consists of a septic tank and a soil absorption or drain field.

When you have got a septic system installed it makes sure that the plumbing system of the home is free from organic matter, scum, and other similar contaminants. Septic tank installation becomes inevitable if your house is at an elevation or far away from the sewer pipes of the local government or water supply company.

However, you can still benefit from the septic system when your house has access to the local sewerage system. The following blog explains the top reasons why you should get a septic system installed.

Helps Save Money

As a company that deals with septic installation projects daily, Rough Rock contractors not only have clients in rural areas or people having elevated homes. Rather we have many customers who have homes in central urban settings who opt for septic tank installation just to save money. Some of the ways a septic tank can save you money include;

No Monthly Costs

The largest cost associated with using the city’s water system is its monthly bill. People install several high-end appliances to reduce it but as long as you are connected to the city’s sewer system you will have to pay the bill. However, having a septic tank installed will help you save money on your monthly bills. The only thing you need to pay for in this case is for regular inspection and pumping.

Affordable Installation

To your surprise, the cost of installing a septic tank system is slightly higher or sometimes even the same as that of getting hooked to the city’s sewer system. With our expert technicians, the process becomes easy and affordable.

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Rarely Needs Replacement

Most quality and rightly sized septic tanks and septic field systems can last forever. This means they rarely get damaged and need replacement, making it a one-time investment for you.

Environmentally Friendly

Sure, saving money is a great self-care approach. However, knowing that you are also playing your part as a good global citizen is satisfying. Yes, installing a septic system is not only cost-friendly but also helps to protect the ever-deteriorating environment. Septic systems help the environment by;

Reducing Pollution

Septic tanks use drain fields and leach fields to naturally extract pollutants from the wastewater. So, by the time the water enters the drain system it is free from bacteria and helps reduce soil and air pollution.

Helps Plants

Once the water reaches underground, the natural fertilizers in the water help the local plants nourish and grow well. This means by having a septic system placed you will have happy and blooming plants without having to pay extra for fertilizers.

Easier To Fix

Septic tanks have their own filtration systems. This means if you experience any plumbing problems they will be confined to the area of your drain field or the septic tank. Saving you from dealing with the finicky city sewer system. Hence,having a septic tank makes repairs easier to fix.

It Makes You Self-sufficient

Being connected to the public sewer system can cause many inconveniences which are not even related to your plumbing system. For example, if there is a major obstruction and some damage to the central sewer system it will take quite a few days to get your water waste system back to normal.

On the other hand, if you have a septic tank installed you will be safe from all this ruckus. If there is a problem it will be on a small scale and will take less time to repair.

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