Unique Retaining Wall Variations – Convenience Meets Elegance

April 7, 2022

Unique Retaining Wall Variations  - Convenience Meets Elegance

We live in an era where attaining convenience alone is never sufficient. Today, people love to incorporate extravagance into almost every aspect of their lifestyles. In order to achieve this goal, people often turn a need to correct something or modify an existing element into an opportunity to give it some elegance. The latter is especially true in our homes and the objects that surround us.

For example, if your wardrobe’s wood gets chipped, you would want to hide the impact besides preventing its further stretch. As a result, you will first take the necessary measures to avoid the chip’s further spread. And then also hide the remaining scar using some DIY techniques such as placing posters or stickers on the area.

However, the latter is a simplified version of what we aim to depict. As providers of top-notch retaining wall services, today we shall reveal a few exquisite ways you can turn some major inconvenience-alleviating tasks into elegance-augmenting prospects through rock walls.

Turn Your Inconvenience Into An Awestriking Vista

In the past, you or your parents surely faced numerous convenience vs elegance dilemmas. A compromise was always the way forward. But let us let the past remain in the past and concentrate on the smarter present. Human beings’ innovativeness has dramatically surpassed expectations over the years. Well, retaining wall service providers like us also didn’t fall behind when it came to innovation.

Who knew that a seemingly simple structure such as a rock wall would one day possess the unbelievable ability to raise a property’s market value?

But today, the latter is a proven reality. Precisely speaking, this increase in property value is the main driver behind the structure’s sky-touching popularity. Traditionally and until now, rock walls have served numerous conventional and modern needs. However, today, we want to address a slightly different angle of the matter at hand.

Does the dirt accumulation at the angle where your driveway meets the road irritate you? Do buyers refuse to pay you the perfect price for your property due to the irregular slope of your yard? Or are you frustrated by the erosion and insecurity of your yard?

You can fix it all with an elegant rock wall that provides a bit more than what you need – an aesthetic boost.

Dirty Driveway

If the area around your driveway and the angle at which the latter converges with the road is not paved, a dirty driveway is not a new thing for you. We are sure that the debate on ‘who will clean the driveway today’ creates a huge fuss in your house every day. You might have even delegated the task to your children as a punishment at some point.

To be honest, it is not a pleasing encounter to wake up every day and groan at the thought of cleaning the driveway because you don’t want your nosy neighbor to taunt you about being careless.

Well, Rough Rock presents you with the perfect retaining roadside flowerbed as a solution. Yes, instead of simply enclosing the unpaved area with boulders, why not create a flowerbed with a beautiful mini retaining wall? Simply enclose the area with an extravagant mini retaining wall and use the inner part as a flowerbed.

If your creativity, time, and budget allow you to go a step further, you can add lights on the retaining wall for an extravagant night view.

Uneven Slopes

Another inconvenience that a retaining wall can help you escape is uneven yard terrain. A hilly front or backyard is one of the major concerns for every property owner. It is also the biggest culprit behind a falling property price. Well, people may have told you to refill the whole yard with extra soil and make it even, we would suggest a better, more convenient, and visually impressive solution.

Install a multi-tiered rock wall at the hilly part of your house and watch your house’s market value exceed your expectations. For further enhancement, you can also add a rocky staircase to the multilevel rock wall.

Erosion And Insecurity

Lastly, let us address the inconvenience that a retaining wall primarily seeks to alleviate. Honestly speaking, a yard victimized by soil erosion and flooding is not a very pleasant sight. Similarly, if your house’s yard lacks safety features, it might seem like an easy target for burglars at some point.

You can eradicate these problems by enclosing your yard in exquisite rock.

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