Retaining Wall Pros And Structure

June 9, 2022


A retaining wall is used to hold back soil and water. It provides countless benefits in terms of retention where soil or water is unable to stop due to a sloped landscape. A retaining wall is made with different materials such as bricks and blocks. A retaining wall is rigid as it is constructed to hold soil. Thus, a block wall is considered the strongest retaining wall. To ensure maximum durability and peace of mind, have your retaining wall built by professional retaining wall contractors.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of using a retaining wall

Pros Of A Retaining Wall


A retaining wall is made with concrete which makes it highly resistant. Concrete is a very strong component. That’s why it is used to create a retaining wall. Moreover, concrete is a very cheap building material, so a retaining wall that is created from concrete blocks is affordable. Another factor responsible for the affordability of a retaining wall is it does not require expensive decor materials like paint to look attractive.


A well-constructed retaining wall can bear a lot of pressure, and is highly resistant to loads. A lot of pressure will not disturb their structure. This is the reason this wall is considered the most durable structure for retention purposes. Any damage done to a retaining wall is very rare as it is made with strong materials.

Different Sizes And Styles

When building a retaining wall, concrete is added to the moulds. When the concrete becomes hard, it is removed from the mould. The constructors can create retaining wall blocks in any size and shape.

Rectangular blocks are the most commonly used building material for retaining walls. Big-sized blocks are joined together to make a huge retaining wall that is strong enough to hold water and soil.


Eco- Friendly

There is no need to add chemicals to the construction of this wall. Only concrete can create large blocks. Like bricks, the concrete blocks are not made by burning, which produces too much smoke. The advantage of using just one material makes them an eco-friendly option to retain soil and water.


A retaining wall can be made in versatile shapes of blocks. The shapes are designed by pouring concrete into different moulds. These shapes give an attractive look to the retaining wall making them strong. A retaining wall is also built with clips to connect the blocks with each other.

A versatile range of retaining wall building blocks is available. Such as hollow blocks, solid blocks, and lip systems. The lip system is a strong way of stacking the blocks for a retaining wall. The blocks are connected with each other by a small lip on the back, which locks one block with the other.

The constructor chooses the block style according to the retention requirements. Each style of blocks and stacking provides strong support.

Retaining Wall Design And Structure

Retaining walls have various designs, although some key points are kept in mind to ensure a durable retaining wall structure. The wall is constructed vertically. It is wide and short in length so that it can push the substances back and hold them tightly behind its strong structure.

These walls can hold off soil and water pressure due to their building blocks which are packed tightly together. A retaining wall’s structure handles the pressure at its bottom because the gravitational force is high in that area. The gravitational force exerts less pressure on the top area of the wall.

Thus, a retaining wall is stronger at the bottom to bear the high gravitational force near the ground. The drainage system is also a part of the retaining wall design. It is mandatory to drain any extra water in case of rain. The absence of a proper drainage system will increase the pressure on the wall. As a result, the complete structure can collapse.

Sum Up

A retaining wall will have many benefits and no drawbacks if it is adequately constructed. This wall is very helpful when you want to control water or soil. A professional constructor can create a well-structured and strong wall. The strong structure of the wall makes it more durable.

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