Reasons Behind A Septic Tank Leak

June 23, 2022


A septic tank leak means there’s a hole or crack in the pipeline or tank’s body. This is something that needs to be checked urgently. Minor leaks can cause damage to the tank and the surrounding area. The leakage of a septic tank is detected by the smell, or the amount of water leaked out on the surface.

A leak in your septic tank damages the drain field as well. The drain field gets flooded with water. In turn, the damage to the drain field makes the situation worse.

A septic tank leak means that either a septic field installation expert did not do the installation of the septic tank. Or the septic tank’s pipes are damaged. The exact reason for septic tank damage is unpredictable. There can be several reasons for leakage. The most common reasons are mentioned below. These might help you understand the cause of leakage in a septic tank.

Damaged Joints

Your septic tank is connected with several pipes. A leakage in any of these connections can cause problems. The joints known as baffles are used for connecting the tank with pipes. If any of these joints has a leakage, the complete septic tank, and drain field can get flooded.

There can be many reasons for leakage in the joints of a pipe. The most common reason is loose-fitting at the time of installation. Due to the loose seal of a joint, water leakage happens during water flow. At some point in time, when the water flows with pressure, the seal breaks, and the leakage increases. As a result of leakage, water gets spread in the surroundings and affects the plants as well.


Broken Pipes

A broken pipe could also be a reason for a leak in your septic water tank. This type of leak spreads quickly and fills the drain field as well. The pipe can break due to the pressure of water from inside or any other pressure from outside.

It takes some time to seal or replace a leaking pipe. As a result, a lot of water tends to spread in the surroundings. The tank keeps flooding until the pipe is repaired because the pressure in the pipe is very high.


It is not compulsory that the leakage is in the pipes. The tank can also leak due to rusting in its body. Septic tanks can also leak due to other damages. Thus, rusting is the most common cause of tank leakage.

A leak in your tank is often uncontrollable. A lot of water leaks and is wasted in a few minutes due to a tank leakage. This can cause flooding of the drain field as well. The drain field is pumped to remove the water, but the problem is not solved until the tank is repaired.

Rusting not only damages the tank but can also damage the pipes. Rusting creates cracks in the pipes and breaks them. Also, rusting is hard to repair. It is better to replace the pipes in this situation. It is also recommended that you replace the tank that is rusted. This will save you from leakage and damage to the septic tank system. Thus a timely inspection can save you from such hazards.

Tree Roots

If the septic tank is surrounded by plants and trees, roots may enter the septic tank. Due to lots of water, the roots grow very fast. The roots can damage the tank walls, base, and pipes. These roots can cause leakage. This leakage is undetectable until the water comes to the surface or the smell spreads in the area.

Constructors should select a location for the installation of a tank that is away from any plants, trees, and walking areas.

The reasons for a septic tank leakage are unpredictable as the tank system is underground. House owners should get their septic tank inspected regularly as this is the only way to identify a leakage and repair it at the right time.

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