Give Your Property Lines A Boosted Appeal Via A Rock Wall

April 14, 2022

Give Your Property Lines A Boosted Appeal Via A Rock Wall

Homeowners often feel the urge to ensure that everything within their beloved home’s yard is pitch-perfect. They work hard to give their residential property an opulent look that leaves every onlooker gasping in amazement. From enticing interior decorations to heartwarming exterior landscaping, decor enthusiasts put their best efforts into elevating their property’s appearance. As a reward for their devotion and determination, they enjoy tremendous praise and lucrative price offers for their houses.

If we talk about the exterior of a property, in particular, rock walls have gained immense vogue amongst decor enthusiasts and homeowners as a way of enhancing a property’s curb appeal. In the past decade, retaining wall services has witnessed a massive boost in business, mirroring the ever-increasing demand for these structures. Surprisingly, this demand surge is not a result of the conventional soil retention need but to enrich the appearance of the property.

From centerpieces to ornamental structures, fountains, flowerbeds, and outdoor kitchens, a rock wall’s manifestation is glimpsed in various shapes and sizes in the current era. But that is old news now. Today, we want to draw your attention to the wonderful yet underrated use of rock walls.

Have you ever considered adding rock walls instead of the typical walls on your property’s boundaries? If not, then this is the right time to think about it. For this reason, this blog will address all the crucial aspects of installing rock walls as boundary lines and also demonstrate how these rock wall boundaries can give your property a boosted appeal.

What Is A Boundary Rock Wall?

Indeed, you are familiar with boundary walls. These structures serve the purpose of separating one piece of land from its neighboring one. It could be a fence or any enclosing structure, such as a brick wall. However, did you know that these structures can also enhance the beauty of your property? Instead of a typical boundary structure, if you install a rock wall to fulfill this need, you will kill two birds with one arrow.

Yet, unlike other landscaping structures in your yard, which are entirely under your control, the case with a boundary rock wall is different. In this regard, you will need numerous permissions and responsibility-sharing guarantees (as discussed later).

Things To Consider Before Installing A Boundary Rock Wall

Till now, you must have gotten the general idea that a boundary rock wall will affect the neighboring property as well. Thus, legal considerations come into play. Amongst others, the following considerations are essential before calling upon a retaining wall service provider to install the wall:

Nearness Of The Wall To The Boundary Line

There is a difference between a wall built precisely on the boundary line, and one that is built close to it. If it is constructed near the boundary, it is within your property and requires no special permissions. Nevertheless, you still have to follow your local distance restrictions. Your rock wall has to be a specific distance away from the boundary to avoid the need for legal permissions. However, the case is different when you want the wall to be installed right on the boundary line.

Therefore, you first need to make up your mind on this subject, as your decision will pave the way for the next steps.

Shared Endeavour Or A Solo Flight?

Since we are explicitly addressing boundary rock walls, let us assume you want to construct a wall right on the boundary line. The latter implies that you will need to discuss the matter with your neighbor to reach a mutually beneficial decision. In this regard, there are three possible scenarios;

  • The neighbor refuses to grant you permission to construct the wall (that is a topic for another day).
  • The neighbor grants you permission and is ready to share the relevant responsibilities.
  • The neighbor displays their approval but refuses to share the accompanying responsibilities.

Accordingly, the last two scenarios are relevant to our discussion, as these will determine the level of cooperation you can expect and, ultimately, the cost-sharing agreements.

Rock Wall Type And Design

Lastly, you need to determine the type of rock wall and its design options. Whether the latter is done jointly or by only you depends upon the preceding factors. If you are fully and solely responsible for the construction, you will make the choices alone and vice versa.

Let Rough Rock Contracting Help You Out

The preceding points mark the end of your responsibility in the rock walls construction process. For better results and optimum satisfaction, the rest of the technical work should be completed through professional retaining wall services providers, like Rough Rock.

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