Common Mistakes In Construction Site Preparation

May 6, 2022

Common Mistakes In Construction Site Preparation

Construction site preparation is the most essential step in any construction project since the integrity of the foundation depends on it. Site preparation is considered the first step when constructing a building.To avoid ambiguities in this process it is preferable to hire site preparation contractors.

The process involves land clearing, plant clearing, rough grading, staking, and plumbing. Some extra steps may also be involved depending on the construction style. Thus, mistakes in the preparation of a construction site lead to inaccurate construction. Improproper site preparation can lead to complications in the next steps of the construction. Note that site preparation requires a lot of experience and attention to detail, hence, sometimes even expert contractors can make mistakes in the site’s preparation.

In this blog post, we will highlight some of the common mistakes made in the process of site preparation.

Poor Selection Of Resources

The selection of machinery, tools, and labor is the most important step. Your resources must fulfill the requirements of the work. The machinery should be selected according to the condition of the site. If the machinery is not capable of clearing the site accurately, tiny rocks or plants will be left on the surface which will affect the construction quality.

Not Hiring A Site Preparation Expert

Sometimes a site preparation expert is not a part of the team, due to which they ignore some important factors such as the required amount of digging, required grading style, and much more. The site can face issues due to using the wrong working techniques such as when pulling up trees for the tree clearing process, cutting the rocks instead of pulling them up, cutting trees, and digging too much to make the land smooth.

Lack Of Planning

Planning out the construction process involves time estimation, budget estimation, equipment selection, machinery selection, staff selection, and more. Issues may arise if the planning process is not done before the start of the work. It is mandatory to analyze the requirements first before selecting the machinery. Time, money, and effort are wasted if light machinery is purchased for the site where heavy machinery is required to clear rocks. So, the site can not be prepared accurately if planning is not done and the resources are not selected according to the needs of the project.

Selecting The Wrong Digging Machine

Digging is an important step in site preparation. It is essential to use the correct digging machine for better results. Rocks are dug up with specially designed digging machines; a commonly used digging machine will not be able to clear away the rocks.

Wrong Construction Step Sequence

While doing site preparation, designing a road map is crucial. The site will not be prepared correctly if the steps are not performed in the correct sequence. For instance, if digging is performed before clearing away all the trees the digging process will take longer and the plants will get mixed with the soil.

No Soil Testing

Soil testing is an essential task for any type of construction. It should be done in the site preparation process before starting the work as it will help in choosing the type of structure. If soil testing is not done in the site preparation stage the wrong type of structure will be designed by the engineers.

No Repair Plan

If a repair plan is not a part of your site planning you are at risk of losing your time and money. A repair plan ensures that backup steps are planned for the mistakes done in site preparation. If you do not have a repair plan, site planning will be done again which will affect the timespan of the project.

Underground Analysis Is Not Done

The constructors need information about the underground condition of wiring, pipelines, sanitary, etc. If the site preparation experts do not perform the underground analysis, constructors might not be able to create the structure accurately.

Hence, any mistake in the site preparation process will affect the complete construction. The consequences of issues in the first construction step will affect all steps.

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