Top Mistakes To Avoid During A Septic Tank Installation

August 25, 2022


Septic tank installation is a very tedious task as several things are to be considered during its installation. Any problem with it can cause a great problem in your home. Therefore, its correct installation must be emphasized so that no problem arises sooner or later after its installation.

Companies and people might request its installation rarely as they last for decades. But all this is possible only when the septic tank is installed correctly.

Apart from properly caring for your septic system, which includes yearly inspections and conducting regular maintenance. You must avoid some common mistakes while installing a septic tank. This blog post highlights some important mistakes you must avoid during a septic tank installation.

Not Obtaining The Right Permits

Permits from the local governing authority are important to avoid paying hefty fines later. Septic tank installation requires you to seek proper permits. You can get into serious legal issues if you don’t get the necessary permissions, and the local authority might stop your work completely. Seeking permission is necessary for the health and safety of the people and businesses or homes that use the tank. Therefore, you or your contractor must obtain permission before the septic tank installation.

Installing An Incorrect-sized Tank

Considering the needs of your home and requirements is important when choosing the size of your septic tank. A household with several family members and high water usage will need a bigger septic tank than a household with only a few or one or two members who might not require as much water.

Installing an incorrect size tank can cause multiple problems, for example, sewer backup, tank overflows, and flooding. Therefore, consult with your septic tank installer and determine the size of septic tank you will need to install in your home or for your business.

Incorrect Excavation

Proper excavation is necessary on the site where the septic tank is installed. Ensure the base level is right and the ground is properly leveled before setting the tank. Avoid setting the tank at the wrong depth and on rough surfaces. Moreover, if there is anything that might put the safety of the septic tank at risk, it must be removed before installation.

Failing To Test The Soil

Septic tanks greatly rely on the soil around the tank to treat liquid residue instead of contaminating the water runoff or leaking into the water. Before installing your septic tank, performing a soil test is imperative. Your contractor must obtain a percolation test which ensures that the soil meets the local health department requirements. Otherwise, the surrounding waterways will end up polluted.

Hiring Inexperienced Contractors

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during septic tank installation is to hire an inexperienced contractor. A professional contractor knows which steps to follow before installation and what permits he needs to avoid paying fines later on.

On the other hand, if you hire an inexperienced contractor, they will not follow all the necessary steps to make the ground readily available for the septic tank installation and other important steps during and after installation. Hence, you must take your time and research the best contractor in town to help you install a septic tank carefully.

Final Thoughts

Installing your septic tank correctly is important to avoid problems. One of the wisest things to do in this case is to hire a professional septic tank installation company that knows the proper steps towards its correct installation. Also, avoid doing anything yourself because negligence can lead to big issues.

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