Methods Of Demolition For Buildings And Structures

June 2, 2022

Methods Of Demolition For Buildings And Structures

Buildings are demolished when they get too old. It is imperative to demolish them for the safety of its residents and neighbours. The demolition process is considered very tricky. During the demolition process safety is the most important factor.

There can be different reasons for the demolition of a building. The most common reasons are old age buildings, unconstructed structures for a long period of time, damaged buildings, illegal construction, and restructuring on the same site.

There are various methods used for the demolition of a building. The methods are chosen according to the condition of the building, locality, neighbouring buildings, size and purpose of demolition.

Let’s discuss the methods of demolition used worldwide.

Implosion Demolition

The method involves the demolition of objects by smashing them with each other. In this method, the top floor of a building is smashed with the floor below it which collapses with the next floor and so on. In this way, the building collapses from top to bottom.

The explosion is used to do implosion demolition. As a result of the explosion, the building comes down on its base. The building can fall in two ways. The first is on the footprint which means the building falls and touches the last floor. The second is the way the tree falls. Which means the building will fall on one side. The building collapses by disturbing its critical points. Once these points are weakened the building loses its balance and falls down.

Chemical Demolition

Chemicals are used to demolish buildings. The chemicals involved in this process are concrete demolish powder, concrete cracking powder and concrete breaking powder. These powders work together to break the building’s structure. This method does not involve any explosion and it breaks the building quickly.

This method is used to demolish big buildings without any explosion sound. This is the fastest method for demolishing a big structure. It is also favourable for buildings with close neighbouring buildings because no vibration and blast are involved in this process.

Mechanical Demolition

This method comes into mind when someone thinks about the demolition of a building. It involves breaking the building with the help of tools and machines.

You may have seen a bulldozer demolish a house. This is a good example of mechanical demolition.

The equipment used in this method should be strong enough to break the concrete, and iron structure. Heavy machinery such as bulldozers and excavators are used in this method to break the building.

The mechanical method can only be used to demolish buildings of a small height because the equipment can only break the buildings of a specific height.

Controlled Demolition

As the name depicts, this method involves the demolition of a building by controlling its breakdown.

Controlled demolition is not done at one time. It can take more than one day. The time spent in controlled demolition depends on the buildings’ structure. In this process, the building is broken down into partitions so that the complete building is not destroyed at once. This is done to maintain safety. This method is mostly used for tall and complex structures. Also, this method is helpful when the building is surrounded by other buildings.

Selective Demolition

This method of demolition is used if you do not want to demolish the complete building. In this method, one or more sections of the building is demolished. You can destroy interior or exterior parts of the building using this method. The other portions of the building are protected in this process to avoid damage.

Interior Demolition

This is similar to selective demolition but only the interior sections of the building are demolished in this method. It can include breaking a room, a wall, rebuilding a kitchen etc. the process is carried out with equipment which does not damage other portions of the building.

Strip-out Demolition

This method involves removing a piece of construction from the building. This can be done to remove a block from construction and install it in another place. In this method, a small portion is removed from the building such as half of a staircase. This method is used when you want to renovate your building.

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