Fantastic Conventional And Contemporary Uses Of Rock Walls

January 28, 2022

Fantastic Conventional And Contemporary Uses Of Rock Walls

Recently, rock walls have been gaining immense popularity amongst homeowners. Their intriguing styles and diversity of construction material have won the hearts and minds of many. Traditionally, these rock walls were built by farmers and primitive people for various purposes on their farms. The biggest hindrance to thriving farms has always been soil erosion. This was the problem that farmers initially aimed to solve through these structures.

Little did they know that these plain structures that were constructed by stacking rocks over one another would one day become an item of extravagance. Surprisingly, rock walls were also used in the construction of castles and forts.

Read on to learn more about the modern and traditional uses of rock walls by the best rock wall contractors and excavation specialists in Nanoose bay.

Agriculture Vs Architecture

At this point, it is worth mentioning that the most significant difference between the use of rock walls in the past and now is in the main purpose they serve. Traditionally, rock walls were used for various farming purposes and were not considered a significant part of a property’s aesthetics and architecture.

As time went on, rock walls began serving a different purpose. The structure that was considered insignificant by farmers who invented them found its way into the walls of many castles and forts. At that time, high rock walls were a sign of dominance and power and formed an integral part of the royal architecture.

Then came the modern era, which is merely a blend of the previous two stages. Today, these walls are not used to display dominance but to show off glamour. They also serve the primary purpose of preventing erosion on many properties. Surprisingly, these structures increase the commercial value of many residential and commercial properties.

Now let us look at the traditional and modern uses of rock walls concurrently:

1. The Aesthetic Appeal Of The Property Vs Disposal Need

You might be surprised to hear that these beautiful structures once served a disposal purpose. In the past, rock walls were used to enclose non-biodegradable waste. You could say that the enclosure served as a dump or wasteland.

Contrarily, homeowners now especially request rock wall building services from various contractors to make their properties more visually enticing and intriguing. From waste holding to increasing its beauty: now that is an impressive change in function.

2. Prevent Soil Erosion

This is perhaps the only use of rock walls that remained the same over the timeline of human history. Back then, rock walls were used as a way to hold soil in its place. The latter was mostly done by subsistence farmers. Then as the agricultural economy began to spread, a rock wall’s use took a commercial turn.

Even today, rock walls are considered to be one of the most effective ways of preventing soil erosion, along with the planting of trees and grass.

3. Better Privacy Vs Property Boundaries

Similarly, in the olden days, rock walls were considered the most cost-effective way of placing boundaries between residential and farming lands belonging to different people. At that time, the walls were not necessarily built high. As long as a boundary was clearly marked, the purpose was met.

Today, this purpose goes a step further. Instead of erecting large dull-looking straight brick walls around their gardens or front yards, people prefer to achieve the goal of privacy by constructing rock walls. The latter preserves the natural look of your garden as the neatly arranged rocks effortlessly blend with the greenery.

4. Security Vs Dominance Display

We have already discussed how rock walls were used to demonstrate power and dominance in the past. If you visit any fort or castle even today, the colossal rock walls will give an air of intimidation that will send chills down your spine.

Contrastingly, today, they serve the purpose of security on our residential properties. Apart from increasing the beauty of your home, rock walls also prevent stray animals from finding their way into your yard and keep your pets from escaping onto nearby roads.

5. Better Drainage Vs Animal Pens

Lastly, in the past, people used rock walls to retain or pen animals that caused inconvenience to humans. However, in the modern era, these are used by homeowners to direct rainwater out of their properties.

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