5 Exquisite Rock Wall ideas To Enhance A Property’s Curb Appeal

March 18, 2022

5 Exquisite Rock Wall ideas To Enhance A Property’s Curb Appeal

Even if you utilize top-notch construction materials, state-of-the-art technology, and lavish designs to build your residential or commercial property, soil erosion and sloppy terrain significantly reduces its curb appeal. As a result, the market value of your property dramatically falls, and you fail to obtain the perfect price for your masterpiece.

Astonishingly, a simple structure like a rock wall can take your property’s value to a whole new level. Yes, in the modern era, rock or retaining walls serve a greater purpose than simply holding back soil or preventing landslides. Today, these structures are the ultimate way of giving any property a visually stunning appearance that leaves every onlooker awestruck.

However, when speaking of rock walls, many of you might just picture a simple wall-like structure constructed of rocks, bricks, or other material. Surprisingly, rock wall contractors have meddled with different rock wall designs and blended them with other landscaping features to further enhance their enticement.

As top-rated excavation contractors and rock wall installers, we shall use this blog to uncover a few outlandish rock wall design ideas to take your property’s aesthetic draw to a whole new level.

So sit back and enjoy as we twist designs to deduce a new meaning of beauty:

Trending Rock Wall Design Ideas To Uplift Your Property’s Appearance

Creativity begins where calculation ends. Resultantly, creative minds often exceed expectations, calculations, and computation. The latter is clearly apparent in modern rock wall designs. As we speak, creative construction minds continue to go against the norm and blend numerous landscapes to create architectural masterworks and splendors.

The list below contains just a few of these wonders:

1. Centerpiece

Decor enthusiasts are certainly familiar with this front yard display structure. Usually, a centerpiece may take the form of a round flower bed, fountain, a small tree, or even a mini mournament. These structures are usually constructed in the center of a front yard to catch a passerby or visitor’s attention.

However, these structures gain a whole new level of attention when they are crafted within a circular retaining or rock wall. Thus, add a rock wall centerpiece to your front yard and proudly watch your visitors ‘oh’ in amazement.

If the property in question has a huge front area, construct a rockwall centerpiece at a central point where all pathways or walking tracks intersect.

2. Rocky Stairs

As mentioned earlier, sloppy terrains or hilly areas are pretty unattractive to people. If one side of your property’s front yard is steep or hilly, construct stairs featuring rock walls on either side to make the area easily accessible and beautiful. For an added curb appeal, you can add curves or bends to the staircase. When it comes to variety, you have a list of rock types to choose from.

Besides framing the sides of the staircase, you can also extend the rockwall to cover the steep part of your yard.

3. Two-In-One Rock Wall Outdoor Kitchen

Are you facing a space dilemma and can either construct a rockwall or an outdoor kitchen? Well, do not compromise on your wish of having both because modern rock wall installers have deduced an excellent solution to this problem.

Ask your retaining wall constructor to shape your retaining wall into an outdoor kitchen. Consequently, the contractors will incorporate stoves, ovens, and other kitchen necessities into the rock wall. Of course, the upper area should be smooth for uninterrupted cooking time. As a final touch, you can grow a raised herb garden behind the wall.

4. Rocky Pool

Undeniably, rock walls boast many conventional and contemporary uses. One of them is the retention of water bodies. Resultantly, you can either construct a swimming pool or a pond with rock walls on all four sides. In order to make the pool seem more natural, you can also incorporate a rocky staircase and bed if it suits you. Also, the pool will look breathtaking if you add light flower beds on the borders.

5. Rock Wall Tree Enclosure

Well, retaining soil and water is not the only thing a rock wall can do. Have a peek at the oak tree in your backyard. It looks captivating, doesn’t it? How about we give its trance a boost.

Encircle your tree with a small rock wall and enjoy an entirely elevated appearance of your backyard. If the latter is not enough, add tiny landscaping lights on the rock wall so that it continues to daze its onlookers at night.

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