Benefits Of Building Rock Walls

March 25, 2022

Benefits Of Building Rock Walls

Rock walls built out of brick or stone play an important role in your residence or commercial area. They increase your home’s curb appeal and protect it from landslides and soil erosion.

Rock walls built out of natural stone can help increase your home’s elegance and structural strength. They are one of the best options among retaining walls that can prevent the soil behind them from sliding and damaging the rest of the structure.

However, you need to hire a professional rockwall contractor for this purpose. Not every contractor is able to deal with the challenges posed by rock walls. There are special considerations required to build a rock wall, and only an expert on rocks, dimensions, and other important points can help you build a strong rock wall. They prevent building a retaining wall that might fail.

Continue reading this blog to find out what the best benefits of building a rock wall are, be it your commercial or residential place.

Better Structural Strength

One of the greatest benefits of a rock wall is the structural strength it provides. A rock wall is strong enough to hold sliding soil and prevent it from entering your property premises. This makes it capable of retaining tons of rocks and dirt, thus giving you better structural strength. Moreover, it can hold soil and dirt for many years or even decades.

Range Of Options

Another great benefit of building a rock wall is the range of options you have. For example, a gabion retaining wall is made of mesh and filled with stones. You can form a gabion retaining wall into any shape you want. Thus, it can help you cover an area by shaping the wall accordingly.

Moreover, there are different types of stones available to construct rock walls. The most common stones used to construct rock walls are granite, limestone, and fieldstone.

Therefore you can choose from many stone types, each having different benefits and appearances. Also, you can change their look dramatically by opting for different colors which complement your home style or commercial space.

Increased Home Value

Another great benefit of building a rockwall in your home is that it increases its value. Any property’s value depends on the features it has and its condition. Rock walls in your garden or backyard look elegant and appeal to potential buyers. This can help you dramatically increase the price of your home, thus attracting serious buyers.

However, you should be careful about choosing the stone for your rock walls as they must complement the rest of the look of your home. Therefore, your rock walls should contain a stone that can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your garden’s aesthetic.

They Are Long-Lasting

Rock walls are made of strong natural stones and rocks built to last long. The material is strong enough to last for years and requires very little upkeep.

Once a retaining wall contractor builds them, you don’t need to think about them again for years. Such rock walls don’t rot, warp or rust. Therefore they can last for decades.

Little To No Maintenance

Many people might think that rock walls need maintenance and are difficult to maintain. However, this is not true. Rock walls contain stones that are designed to last long, and require very little upkeep. You don’t have to clean them, wash them or waterproof them in any way. Once you have built your rock wall it will require very little maintenance.

Even rain, sun, and wind will not take away the integrity and look of your rock wall. Therefore you can enjoy your rock wall for years without any expensive maintenance.

They Are Functional

Rock walls are used to block sliding soil or land and create more usable space on your property. Many homeowners install rock walls in their homes behind fountains or to increase the appearance of their garden.

So apart from using rock walls to prevent erosion, you can also use rock walls to increase your home’s curb appeal.

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